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Costa Rica - La Lia - Geisha - Pre Selling Now
Costa Rica - La Lia - Geisha - Pre Selling Now

Costa Rica - La Lia - Geisha - Pre Selling Now

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Costa Rica

Farm Name:

La Lia

Growers Name

Luis Alberto Monge 








Red Honeyed 

Tasting Notes

Pinot Noir, Passion Fruit, Coffee Cherry

This coffee is on preorder and is set to sell for 30 days (until June 14th) or until all jars sell. Payment will be charged upon fulfillment.

In the heart of Costa Rica's lush Tarrazu region, where the air is as fresh as the morning dew and the soil tells tales of generations, Tectonic Coffee embarked on an expedition to unearth a treasure unlike any other. This journey once again led us to La Lia, a farm where tradition and innovation merge under the watchful eyes of Luis Alberto Monge, a grower who treats his crops like family. Here, amidst the sunlit splendor, grows a coffee variety that is a testament to the land's fertility and a grower's dedication: the Geisha.

This Geisha, cultivated at an elevation where the clouds kiss the earth, is processed through a meticulous red honey method, resulting in a cup that sings with notes of Red Wine, Coffee Fruit and Passionfruit. Each sip is a symphony of flavors as complex and inviting as the landscape itself. It's here, at La Lia, that the Earthmover project finds its second muse. Inspired by the relentless spirit of those who shape the earth to reveal its hidden jewels, this coffee embodies the essence of transformation and discovery.

The Earthmover project, born from a passion for coffee that moves the soul and awakens the senses, finds a kindred spirit in La Lia. The farm, a canvas of green hues and floral aromas under the Tarrazu sun, stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation. Luis Alberto Monge, with his artisanal craft, has not only nurtured the soil but also a community that thrives on the shared love for coffee.

As we share this Geisha with the world, we honor the legacy of La Lia and the Earthmover ethos. It's a celebration of the hands that till the earth, the hearts that believe in the potential of a seed, and the spirit of innovation that drives us forward. This coffee, the 2023 La Lia Geisha, is more than a beverage; it's a journey to Costa Rica, an homage to the artisans of La Lia, and an embodiment of the Earthmover project's core values.

This is not just coffee; it's a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and partnership in crafting a legacy that will inspire for generations to come.

Read more about this delightful cup at our BLOG.


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