Ethiopia Dako Maka

Ethiopia Dako Maka

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Farm Name:

Dako Maka

Growers Name

Tsegaye Maka




Keble Dako, Yirgacheffe





Tasting Notes

Meyer Lemon, Peach and Clover Honey


We really love Ethiopia coffees, so much so we try to keep a coffee from that country available all year long. To keep it interesting we try to buy smaller lots and rotate through the year, this is a way we can showcase different regions within. 

With that said, we are excited to say that we have found another coffee from a single producer named Tsegaye (pronounced Say Guy) Maka from the Yirgacheffe region. 

Why is this a big deal you ask?

Well, it was not that long ago that the government of Ethiopia came up with a solution to stamp out corruption and quicken cash flow back into the country from their largest export commodity coffee and they called it the Ethiopia Coffee Exchange or ECX.

You see, Ethiopia was being held ransom by large agribusinesses who were playing the market and holding off selling coffee until the markets were swung in their favor. Thus it was holding back money that needed to be back in the general population to make their economy tick. 

All the coffee had to be funneled through the exchange without much or any farm level traceability. Then be sold and exported out of the country within a matter of months from harvest. 

This was a good program to install for the greater good of the country, but it left our coffee community without a real way to work directly with small farmers. 

Fast forward to last year and the word among coffee buyers on the ground in Ethiopia, was that they were starting to relax these laws and allow more Direct Trade coffees to be purchased! 

Knowing this at the beginning of the year we decided to mix things up a bit and rather than just cherry pick the best coffees that land each year by way of “Spot Buying” we put it to our favorite and most trusted importers to find single farmer coffees so we might be able to create a sustainable relationship with small land holders. 

We are really excited to say that after months of talks with multiple importers we ended up finding an exporter out of Ethiopia that we trust and know can help us in our endeavours.

So here is the first coffee from that journey, producer Tsegaye Maka out of Yirgacheffe. We have dubbed it Dako Maka after the nearest village and his last name, as he does not have a name for his property. 

He has a small farm by some countries standards but for Ethiopia it is quite large at 19 hectares or around 47 acres. His coffee is packing some stunning flavors from the Heirloom coffees he grows, which we hope you enjoy!

As with our Costa Rica, Vera Blanca that we just talked about, if budgets permit we will make the trek out to Ethiopia to meet Tsegaye in person. We are actually long overdue for a visit to Ethiopia so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can make it happen.

We’ll keep you in the loop as things progress and be sure to update you on his farm's name when Tsegaye Maka assigns one for it.

Our wholesale partners have this coffee in their hands so hopefully that means it will be in your cup very soon. If you are not a wholesale customer or a subscriber, hit us up in the comments section below and we will set you on the right path to get this fantastic coffee.

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