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Honduras - La Tanairi - Lot 299 - Semi Anaerobic - Direct Trade

Honduras - La Tanairi - Lot 299 - Semi Anaerobic - Direct Trade

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Moises and Marysabel Caballeros 

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La Tanairi - Lot 299 










Semi Anaerobic

Tasting Notes

Cherry, Plum and Bergamot


15% off A Special Offering for Our Tectonic Family!

As we stand on the cusp of unveiling this labor of love, we have woven together a tapestry of offerings that are a celebration of the relentless spirit of La Tanairi. We invite our Tectonic family to immerse themselves in this rich legacy by enjoying a special offer; a delightful invitation to experience the joyous harmony of Lot 299 paired with Lot 301. 

As you embark on this flavorful journey, we are excited to offer a 15% discount when you purchase them together, inviting you to explore the diverse landscape of flavors, each telling a unique story, yet harmoniously complementing each other, promising an experience that is both rich and incredibly rewarding.


Stepping into another chapter with the unmatched duo, Marysabel and Moises Caballero, we are ecstatic to unveil the magic that has brewed in the past year at La Tanairi. This marks the 5th jubilant year of collaboration (7 if we count the predecessors), and this year, we have something truly special to share with our Tectonic family.

Once more, the picturesque land of Xinacla, embraced by the nurturing altitude of 1550 meters, has cultivated the finest Catuai variety beans, bringing to your cup a sensational fusion of cherry and plum notes with a refreshing hint of peach — a thoughtful deviation from the bergamot note that was a part of the past release. 

Semi-Anaerobic Process - The Innovation Continues

Building on the success of the initial trial in 2022, Marysabel and Moises pushed the envelope further with the semi-anaerobic process. They continued the meticulous practice of harboring the coffee in plastic bags post-harvest, a process affectionately referred to as “extended fermentation,” allowing the vibrant and nuanced flavor profile to develop over a careful 72-hour period before initiating the drying process.

This dance of patience and precision evolves on drying beds and patios where the beans are nurtured to the optimal moisture content, monitored ardently to reach the golden number between 9.5 to 10.5%. The beans are then ready to showcase the flavors that are a testament to the Caballeros' commitment to innovation and quality.

Our Perspective

As we sip this artistic expression of perseverance and craft, we can't help but feel a swell of pride and gratitude. The semi-anaerobic process, sans the complexity of one-way valve barrels, has indeed stood tall, echoing the authenticity and the raw potential of what a marriage between tradition and innovation can offer.

This year, the beautiful experiment metamorphosed into a phenomenon, painting the canvas of La Tanairi’s coffee landscape with deeper hues of sophistication and elegance. What was once an experiment has gracefully pivoted into a delightful reality, a gift from Moises and Marysabel, wrapped in layers of tradition and audacious innovation, ready to be unveiled to the world.

We invite you, our esteemed Tectonic family, to immerse yourselves in this vibrant and rich tapestry of flavors, weaving stories in every cup, invigorating your senses with every sip. This is not just coffee; it is an experience, a journey, a testament to the spirit of innovation, bottled up in each bean ready to burst forth in a symphony of flavors that narrate tales of La Tanairi’s audacious venture into the semi-anaerobic process.

We are beyond thrilled to share this labor of love with you, as we eagerly await to hear your heartfelt reviews. Join us in this exhilarating journey of taste and innovation as we together unearth the hidden treasures that lie within La Tanairi - Lot 299.

Blog Post

The rich history and careful crafting that goes into La Tanairi Lot 299 is a story worth exploring. For a deeper dive into the world of this special lot and it's perfect pair, Lot 301, head over to our latest blog post. #DiscoverLaTanairi

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