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Burundi - Masha - 2024

Burundi - Masha - 2024

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3200 local farmers

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Raisin, Papaya, Cocoa


Welcome to a journey into the heart of Burundi, where the lush hills of Kayanza give birth to one of the finest coffees you'll ever experience. This is the story of Masha - Kayanza - Washed, a microlot coffee that captures the essence of its land and the dedication of over 3200 smallholder farmers.

Nestled in the highlands of northern Burundi, the Masha washing station stands as a testament to tradition and quality. The name "Masha" derives from the Kirundi word "amasho," meaning "herds of cattle," reflecting the region's rich pastoral history. Despite its fame for cattle, the coffee produced here is a hidden gem, bringing together the efforts of thousands of local farmers, each with an average of just 297 coffee trees on small plots of land.

The farmers of Masha rely on coffee for their livelihood, delivering their ripe cherries to the Masha washing station where they undergo a meticulous washing process. This washed process involves de-pulping the cherries the same day they are harvested, followed by a 12-24 hour underwater fermentation, and then a thorough washing. The beans are then spread on drying tables for about 20 days, allowing the complex flavors to develop.

Masha coffee is a celebration of flavors. Each cup reveals notes of raisin and cocoa, accented by fresh papaya. The complex acidity and sugary sweetness create a harmonious balance that is both delightful and memorable. These flavors are a true reflection of the Bourbon variety grown at an elevation of 1672 meters above sea level, where the cool climate and rich soil nurture the coffee plants.

The Masha washing station is more than just a place where coffee is processed; it is a pillar of the community. Despite facing challenges, such as the destruction of the storage facility and main house during the political conflicts in 1997, the station has persevered, supporting the local economy and providing a stable source of income for the farmers. The commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every step of the process, from selective handpicking to the final export.

Our Masha - Kayanza - washed coffee is a limited edition microlot, carefully selected for its exceptional cup quality. This microlot is a blend of day lots from various farmers, each contributing to the unique profile of the coffee. It represents the best of what Masha has to offer.

Taste the dedication, the history, and the passion in every cup and read more about it on our blog


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