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Colombia La Pedrera

Colombia - La Pedrera

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Farm Name:

La Pedrera

Growers Name

Benigno Sanchez








48 hour fermentation process

Tasting Notes

Honey, Papaya and Black Tea 


This is a new coffee for us here at Tectonic, coming out of Colombia and we are very excited to get it into your coffee cups!

Don Benigno has been living on his property now for 30 years and has seen his children grow up and show an interest in the family tradition of farming. Two of his children have elected to stay on the farm and help their father produce coffee making this a family affair. 

Over the years Don Benigno has been adding more and more trees to the property and now it expands for 5 hectares making it one of the largest farms in the surrounding area. Typically farms are around 2 to 3 hectares. 

Don Benigno ferments the de-pulped seeds (beans) in a holding tank for 48 hours which is a full 24 hours longer than usual and then dries them in the sun. This adds to a fruitiness to the coffee which shines through in the cup. 

We hope you enjoy this new offering from Don Benigno which is so special we shipped it in vacuum packed, goodness stable boxes.


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