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DR Congo -  SOPACDI - 2024

DR Congo - SOPACDI - 2024

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Democratic Republic of Congo

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Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai 







Tasting Notes

Plum, Piloncillo, and Chocolate

Unveiling the Treasure of the Kivu Highlands: SOPACDI Tsheya Micro-Station Coffee

In the vibrant, green expanse of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a story of resilience, unity, and exceptional coffee unfolds. SOPACDI (Solidarité Paysanne pour la Promotion des Actions Café et Développement Intégral), a cooperative that emerged from the shadows of civil unrest, now stands as a beacon of hope and quality in the coffee world. With over 5,300 farmers, SOPACDI revitalizes the region's esteemed coffee tradition and fosters peace and prosperity among its diverse community of members.

From Conflict to Coffee: The Journey of SOPACDI

The journey of SOPACDI's coffee is as profound as its flavor. This region, once marred by conflict, benefits from fertile volcanic soils and an ideal microclimate for coffee cultivation, provided by the Kivu highlands. Here, the equatorial sun and temperate rainfalls nurture coffee that is rich in history and taste.

The Coffee Itself: A Microcosm of Flavor

At the SOPACDI Tsheya Micro-Station, coffee undergoes a fully washed process, highlighting meticulous care that enhances its intrinsic qualities. This results in a distinctive profile: notes of piloncillo and plum and are balanced by a mild chocolate undertone. Its sparkling acidity and sugary sweetness capture the essence of the Kivu terroir, making each sip a testament to the area’s unique climate and SOPACDI’s artisanal approach.

Empowering Through Trade: The SOPACDI Difference

Beyond the beans, SOPACDI’s influence extends deeply into the community. As the first cooperative in the DRC to achieve Fairtrade certification, SOPACDI ensures fair prices and ethical practices, empowering its members directly. With 29% of the cooperative’s members being women, SOPACDI also highlights its commitment to gender equality and social progress.

The cooperative’s initiatives further contribute to local infrastructure, education, and health services, nurturing a vibrant and sustainable community. Their efforts illuminatethe transformative power of coffee, showing that from the seeds of these beans, a foundation for a better future can grow.

An Invitation to Savor and Support

Each cup of SOPACDI Tsheya Micro-Station coffee is not just a high-quality beverage; it’s a part of a larger narrative of community resilience, environmental stewardship, and cultural heritage. This coffee invites both connoisseurs and casual drinkers to experience the rich tapestry of flavors that only the SOPACDI cooperative can provide, all while supporting a life-enhancing cause.

Experience the treasure of the Congo with SOPACDI Tsheya Micro-Station coffee and read more about its impact on our blog.


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