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Ethiopia - Refisa - West Arsi

Ethiopia - Refisa - West Arsi

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Negusse Debela








Local Landraces





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Honeydew, Lemon Verbena, White tea.

Enhance Your Senses: Tectonic Coffee Introduces Negusse Debela's Refisa from West Arsi!

Attention, coffee enthusiasts! Prepare for a fresh experience in your coffee ritual. Tectonic Coffee is excited to bring you our next discovery with the extraordinary Negusse Debela - Refisa, a remarkable brew emerging from the quiet majesty of the Nensebo region, West Arsi, Oromia.

Refisa marks the second milestone in our partnership with Negusse Debela. These beans, sourced from altitudes of 1,800 to 1,970 meters above sea level, are born from the 1974-1975 JARC Selections & Local Landraces, organically nurtured by the hard-working farmers of Refisa, Roricho, Bulga, and Solena.

Just as new landscapes form over time, Refisa presents a unique taste profile distinct from our first collaboration, the Worka Chelbessa. While Worka Chelbessa treated your palate to notes of berries, bergamot, and jasmine, Refisa offers a trove of novel flavors ready to delight you.

Negusse Debela's journey from a tech entrepreneur to a coffee innovator resonates deeply with Tectonic Coffee's core ethos. We admire his persistent pursuit of quality and meticulousness in every step of the coffee-making process, echoing the precise transformations that shape our world.

This second release isn't just another coffee; it's another journey into the diverse realm of coffee where passion, quality, and respect for tradition converge to create a truly remarkable experience. We're introducing Refisa in 12 oz bags for our direct-to-consumer fans, with 6oz, 12oz, and substantial 5lb bags for our wholesale and loyal "Inner Core" members.

At Tectonic Coffee, we're thrilled to collaborate on this exciting release with Debela, exploring the potential of the emerging West Arsi region. The promise of this area, enhanced by Debela's dedication to refining its coffee offerings, has resulted in a brew that's set to invigorate your coffee experience.

So, grab your mugs, brace for a captivating journey, and join us in this next chapter of our coffee adventure with Negusse Debela. Experience the stir of West Arsi's evolving coffee scene with every sip of Refisa. This is the coffee evolution you've been waiting for!

For more information about West Arsi check out our blog post: Exploring West Arsi: An Emerging Powerhouse in the Ethiopian Coffee Scene.


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