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Burundi Rimiro
Burundi Rimiro
Burundi Rimiro

Burundi Rimiro

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Red Bourbon 







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Honey, Raisin and Caramel


This coffee is a gem and we have been patiently waiting for a spot to open up in our lineup to get this into your cups. 

In the 1930’s coffee was introduced into Burundi by the Belgians and has somehow managed to survive through Burundi’s troubled political history. It has not been an easy road for the country's citizens and is far too deep for us to even start to dive into, but absolutely worth mentioning. 

So let's focus on the good things to come out of Burundi. Coffee is said to be the Country’s most valuable export, even outstripping gold, which the country has plenty of. 

This year we have found a gem! 

The Rimiro washing station in the northern province of Ngozi receives cherry from over 300

smallholder farmers. At the station, cherry deliveries are sorted for ripeness by water

flotation channels and picking teams before passing through a mechanical depulper to

remove fruit skin and mucilage. 

Fermentation is typically 36 to 48 hours, after which the wet parchment is sorted once more before final drying on raised beds. Most of the coffee produced in Burundi is of Bourbon variety. The cup profile leans toward a honey sweetness, sticky body and pleasant acidity.

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