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Costa Rica - Vara Blanca

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Costa Rica

Farm Name:

Finca Vara Blanca

Growers Name

Ernesto Jose Valverde Solis








Yellow Honey

Tasting Notes

Dried peach, Macadamia and Chocolate

Finca Vara Blanca is back. This will be the 2nd year we have carried coffee from Ernesto Jose Valverde. By this time we usually would have traveled to Costa Rica to meet Ernesto to say G’day, but we all know how that is going this year… Hint #COVID19

Since we were unable to get down there, we decided to have a chat to Francisco Mena, friend and exporter from San Jose, Costa Rica who helped us find Ernesto’s stunning coffee. Check out the video below to find out more information.

Topics discussed

How is Los Angeles “going?”

How is Tectonic’s Business? 

Costa Rica’s profound social reforms

The Costa Rica army or lack of 

Costa Rica’s Health system

Getting stuck in Costa Rica

Micro Mill Revolution and it’s democratization of processing cherry

Don Ernest 3rd generation farmer

Dota Valley 

Coffee variety experimentation 

COVID Virus and it’s unknown impact on the Micro Mill Revolution 

Honey process, the good and the bad.

COVID preparedness 

Is Costa Rica still a 100% Arabica only country?

Best of India 2009


In this video is Deaton Pigot and Francisco Mena


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