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Peru El Corazon
Peru El Corazon
Peru El Corazon

Peru El Corazon

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Farm Name:

El Corazon

Growers Name

Joel Hidrogo


Typica & Caturra







Tasting Notes

Plum, Cherry and Black Tea


Deaton has been working on getting to Peru for a few years now. Originally invited to the country’s first Cup of Excellence in 2017 he begrudgingly had to pass because, being a start up how can one spare the time? 

Fast forward to last year 2019 he was finally able to get down to Peru to check out 3 different regions and attend the Cup of Excellence to judge the best of the 2019 harvest. Without going into too much detail about the non profit, we can safely say it was a privilege to be able to attend.  Whenever you can, please support the Cup of Excellence, it is a remarkable program. 

We had the chance to cup with the famed Aleco Chigounis of Red Fox at his office in Lima and are super excited to be bringing in one of his lots this year! 

Introducing Joel Hidrogo. Joel was born in the coffee production district of Huabal in Cajamarca. He is 37 years old and has been farming coffee for 10 years now. Joel learned the business from his parents who are also coffee producers. “El Corazón” is the name of his 3.25 hectare farm and it was named after it’s curious heart shape. In the short term, he would like to improve the conditions of his wet milling and his drying area. When asked about the challenges for coffee production, Joel pointed out climate change as the biggest of threats.

High elevations, diverse microclimates, high-quality soil, and varieties of Yellow Caturra, Typica and Catimor, are only some of the factors that have helped Joel to improve quality.

We’re excited about the coffees we’ve bought from Red Fox and Joel Hidrogo and we hope you are too!

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