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Tectonic x Little Collins

Little Collins pays homage to the spirit of the bustling street in Melbourne, Australia, after which it is named.

MTC Little Collins 35.jpg 

Every aspect of the café has been designed with the customer experience in mind. From the chic, industrial interior to the delicious, no-nonsense menu to the music that fills the space, Little Collins hits all the senses and makes people feel transported and completely at home, all at once. This is a place where the barista knows your name and remembers your favorite sandwich.

MTC Little Collins 26.jpg

We've partnered with Tectonic Coffee Co. in Los Angeles to provide you with the utmost quality. Tectonic offers coffees sourced via direct trade that are fastidiously roasted to uphold quality, consistency, sweetness, and balance. Their coffees are roasted to order for maximum freshness. 


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