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Honduras La Tanairi (Member's Only)

  • Story

    Tanairi is a relationship coffee from Honduras. We are excited to present a coffee from our dear friends, the producers Marysabel and Moises Caballero. We have had a relationship with the Caballeros through Deaton's journey from roaster, to green coffee buyer, and now as a business owners!

    Marysabel and Moises are some of the hardest working coffee growers we’ve met and they’re undoubtedly the darlings of the Honduran coffee community. Their gorgeous wet mill processes only the ripest cherries and they have the option to dry coffee on raised African style beds, drying patios or in a mechanical drying machine.

    Marysabel and Moises are givers, and they've portioned of a small block of their land to build a school for the children of the surrounding families. We've decided to do something special for the students of this school and will be announcing our initiative August 15.

    This will be our 3rd season bringing in their coffee from La Tanairi and every year we see quality improve from the last. We are excited to share this awesome coffee and to be a part of its story.
  • Tasting Notes

    Plum, Raisin and Chocolate.

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  • Brew Ratio

    Recommended brewing ratio (coffee:water): 1:15

    Here's a simple pour-over recipe to get you started

    33g coffee (medium), 450g water at 200°F

  • Roasted August 12, 2018

    Honduras La TanairiHonduras La Tanairi
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    Honduras La Tanairi
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