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Nicaragua El Diamante (Member's Only)

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    Nicaragua has been in the midst of heightened civil unrest throughout the country. Through it all, our coffee exporter Ben of Gold Mountain Coffee has diligently kept us informed of the news and has done a exceptional effort this year in getting the coffees out as early as possible.

    It is hard to segue from an opening paragraph like that but it is important to acknowledge hard times.

    So as we announce El Diamante from the Jinotega region, we commend Ben's work and his ability to get like-minded producers banded together. One of those producers is responsible for this offering: Don Francisco and his wife who live high the lush mountains of Nicaragua.

    Year after year they've produced some exceptional coffees. In Nicaragua, land conservation is of utmost importance, and Don Francisco has maintained a portion of his land in its natural state to protect state forests and natural spring waters.

    They have many varieties of coffee on their property like Caturra, Maragogype, Maracaturra a hybrid of Maragogype and Caturra to name a few. We hope you enjoy our selection this year from Jinotega, Nicaragua as much as we do.
  • Tasting Notes

    Honeydew, Vanilla and Cocoa.

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  • Brew Guide

    • Water Temp200
    • Dose (How Much Coffee)28g
    • Grind SettingMedium
    • Bloom Water weight60g
    • Bloom Time60s
    • Total Water Weight415g
    • Total Time3-3:30
    • NotesBe sure to rinse your filter thoroughly with hot water! Be sure to use a slow, even, circular pour starting on the outside and spiraling in!
  • Roasted December 23, 2018

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