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Inner Core Holiday Edition - Master Blend

  • Season 2 Holiday Blend - Shipment Round #3

    Hi Inner Core-ers,

    We have some exciting news regarding your subscription service. After 6 months of Beta testing we have taken note on what you like and don’t like. By the next time your subscription comes around we are going to make some changes to the program.

    What we know is that you want more control in the service you chose. Blind tasting is fun but you wish for the ability to pick your cadence. Whether you want coffee every week, 2 weeks or every other month, you get to decide.

    You will be able to choose between blends or single origin coffee and we will send you the freshest beans direct from the roastery to your door. Soon you will be able to stop or pause your subscription so you can go away on vacation and not return to a pile of aging coffee.

    Rest assured we will still find the best coffees that Mother Nature can produce and roast to the coffees natural sweetness. You choose how often you’d like the coffee, what your preference is and we will take care of the rest!

    Thanks for taking part in this awesome crowd sourced blend!

    Deaton Pigot

    Gadeb, Ethiopia - Natural 20%

    Wondimu Unu, has been cultivating coffee for 15 years, but this is the first year that he has been able to sell his coffee as a micro-lot. The cup quality itself represents the high level of work he has put into this lot, including how he carefully dries the full cherry in thin layers on raised beds.

    You rewarded his hard work by scoring this coffee higher than the washed counterpart, you adventurous lot you!

    Guatemala El Piloncito! 30% - Fully Washed

    This is a great result for us, this is a Direct Trade offering and we cannot wait to tell the Gustavo family how they fared.

    “Deaton visited the small farm and spent some time walking the property hearing about Gustavo’s plans for the future. He plans to expand his Gesha variety considerably and is excited about the potential of the plants’ quality and prices.”

    Toraja Coffee Growers Cooperative - 50% Wet hulled and sundried/ Pulped Natural

    In recent years the Toraja Coffee Growers Cooperative has been collaborating with an NGO called VCO, which is dedicated to improving farmer access to better agricultural practices for quality coffee production and improving coffee farm infrastructure. The partnership has helped to improve quality, increase earnings from coffee sales, and is strengthening farmers’ livelihoods.
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  • Brew Guide

    • Water Temp200
    • Dose (How Much Coffee)28g
    • Grind SettingMedium
    • Bloom Water weight60g
    • Bloom Time60s
    • Total Water Weight415g
    • Total Time3-3:30
    • NotesBe sure to rinse your filter thoroughly with hot water! Be sure to use a slow, even, circular pour starting on the outside and spiraling in!
  • Roasted January 13, 2019

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