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Brazil - Oberon 2018 (Member's Only)

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    Brazilian coffees are widely accepted as being some of the most versatile coffees out there. They’ve always been known to be great in blends, but over the last decade, quality has improved by leaps and bounds making them some of the most sought-after single origin coffees.

    We present Fazenda Oberon (fazenda means ‘farm’ in Portuguese) as one of our first Inner Core blend options, because it represents a great classic foundation for a blend.

    What do we mean by “classic”?
    Classic to us means more approachable flavors like almonds, chocolate and caramel--these go a long way in creating a solid base to a well-rounded flavor combination.

    More about the farm
    Fazenda Oberon is located in the Cerrado region of Brazil, located in the southwestern part of the Minas Gerais State. Known for its stable climate and notably high altitudes the terroir goes a long way to promoting a consistent quality in the final cup.

    There are around 3600 coffee producers in the vast land of Minas Gerais making it one of the most important agricultural hubs in the area. The agro-economy in Brazil is no small thing; during the harvest season these producers employ up to 180,000 workers! We hope you enjoy what these many hands have worked to bring to us all.
  • Tasting Notes

    Chocolate, almonds and mandarin.

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  • Brew Ratio

    Recommended brewing ratio (coffee:water): 1:15

    Here's a simple pour-over recipe to get you started
    28g coffee, 415g water at 200°F

  • Roasted August 12, 2018

    Brazil OberonBrazil Oberon
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