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Ethiopia Feku Jebril

  • Story

    This is the final round of the Inner Core and we couldn’t be more excited to see where you all take this for us! The final piece can be the most interesting. At 20% of the total blend this component should be the cherry on top. We already have the body and the mid notes so now it’s time to think about acidity.

    Why not start with Ethiopia, widely known for its fragrant acidity?

    Will this be your choice to finish off the blend?

    The Yabitu Koba Forest in the Guji region of Ethiopia is home to some of the highest-altitude coffee farms in the country. This specific area is considered the highest elevation in Ethiopia with an altitude of 2,310 meters.

    Hana Asrat Washing Station is located in the Yabitu Koba Village of the Uraga Woreda. The wet mill is run and managed by Feku Jebril who have, through the years, specialized in processing washed coffee.

    We recommend enjoying this one slowly … perhaps as a pour-over.
  • Tasting Notes

    Rose, Lemon Zest and Tangerine.


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