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Kenya Guama

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    Baragwi Farmer’s Cooperative Society LTD has approximately whopping 11,700 members, managing some of the most famous names coming out of Kenya. Githiururi, Thimu to name but two, Guama is our focus for this season!
    Hand picking? Of course!

    Cherry sorting? You betcha!

    Washed with recycled water saving the environment? Is there another way??? (yes, but not here).

    Guama is ticking all the boxes when it comes to quality control of their cherry and processing. Throw drying on raised beds and you have some stellar coffees making its way into your mug.

    Kenya’s are the coffee fanatics coffee and we are excited that we have done some magic to get it to you all for a reasonable price for both the farmers and you.

    We really hope you enjoy this cup as much as we do.


    Deaton Pigot


  • Tasting Notes

    Plum, Bergamot and Blackberry.

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  • Brew Guide

    • Water Temp200
    • Dose (How Much Coffee)28g
    • Grind SettingMedium
    • Bloom Water weight60g
    • Bloom Time60s
    • Total Water Weight415g
    • Total Time3-3:30
    • NotesBe sure to rinse your filter thoroughly with hot water! Be sure to use a slow, even, circular pour starting on the outside and spiraling in!
  • Roasted June 22, 2019

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