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Myracle Kitchen Barista Mylk
Myracle Kitchen Barista Mylk - Case

Barista Mylk - Myracle Mylk

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Developed with and approved by world-renowned coffee expert James Hoffmann and tested by Baristas, Myracle Kitchen Barista Mylk is the future of coffee. The unique blend of plants gives our Barista Mylk a creamy dairy taste that compliments coffee and creates silky microfoam for clean and lasting latte art. With an uncompromising attitude to what we put into our Mylk, we don’t use any artificial ingredients, gums, stabilizers, Carrageenan, Thickeners, or cane sugar.

Oh… and we are also USDA organic certified, Non-GMO verified & Glyphosate free as well being good for the environment donating 1% of our turnover to charities such as 1% for the planet & being Carbon Neutral.

Sold by the case - each case contains 6 cartons of Mylk.

Ingredients: spring water, oats*, coconut cream*, sunflower oil*, faba bean protein*, sunflower seed extract*, nutritional yeast, acidity regulator (potassium carbonate), sea salt. *Organic.

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