Black Lives Matter Los Angeles - Shift Blend
Black Lives Matter Los Angeles - Shift Blend

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles - Shift Blend

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To honor Black History Month we will be donating 30% of our coffee for a cause to the LA based Black Lives Matter organization. 

Since 2013, Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles has engaged in intense struggle to advance freedom for Black people. They have done so by working to immediately respond to crises in communities.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network is comprised of 40 chapters around the globe bound together by a vision for Black freedom, unwavering commitment to liberation work, and Guiding Principles.

There are many different teams within BLMLA including Youth Vanguard, Arts & Culture, Policy, Sacred Resistance, Legal, Action, Communication, Education, Labor and Research. Visit to learn more.


Shift Blend

Tasting Notes: 
Milk Chocolate,
Browned Almond

50% Brazil
Direct Trade


We lovingly call this our "diner coffee done right." That's certainly not a knock--in fact, each individual single origin is intentionally sourced to ensure the utmost quality and consistency of flavor year-round. 

Currently, it's comprised of 50% Peru coffee which is Fairtrade organic and a woman grown initiative from the Amazonas region.

Sure, the hazelnut, milk chocolate, and browned almond notes taste amazing with or without milk and is the go-to choice of most of our partner cafes. 

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