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Colombia - El Limon

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Farm Name:

El Limon 

Growers Name

Floro Pillimue 








48 hour dry fermentation process

Tasting Notes

Black Berry, Stone Fruit and Cantaloupe 



El Limon is back for a 2nd time! 

The Bourbon coffee variety is a delightful variety in the cup and we just “heart” it here at Tectonic Coffee. This coffee has been pulped and fermented for an extended period of time over a 48 hour window. Typically fermentation in Colombia is a 24 hour process before drying. 

Floro Pillimue and his family rent the land they harvest coffee on and the coffee he yields helps to supplement his work as a day laborer to support his family. It might be an interesting side note to some, that some coffee producers rent their land and houses as not all producers are land owners.

We are beyond excited to be buying Floro’s coffee this year which took an incredibly long time to land due the massive backlogs in America’s ports. We have a saying in the coffee industry and that is “better “latte” than never!” Get it?

We hope you enjoy this coffee and as always let us know what you think!

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