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Colombia - La Floresta - 2024

Colombia - La Floresta - 2024

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Oliver Berdugo 

Farm Name

La Floresta




Acevedo, Huila


Maracaturra, Colombia, Castillo (with a focus on Maracaturra)




Traditional Colombia Fermentation 

Tasting Notes

Plum, Sweet Tea, and Milk Chocolate

The Spirit of La Floresta - A Journey Through Time and Taste

Nestled in the heart of Acevedo, Huila, Colombia, Finca La Floresta stands as a testament to the passion and perseverance of Oliver Berdugo and his family. Sixteen years ago, a journey began with a few Caturra-variety plants. Among them, one tree stood out, showcasing resilience and a promise of greatness. Dubbed "Caturron" by Oliver, this tree was the genesis of what would eventually be identified as the Maracaturra variety, marking the beginning of a coffee legacy that thrives at La Floresta today.

With an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level, the finca sprawls across two hectares, where Oliver, alongside his wife and their four children, cultivate not just coffee but a life filled with dedication and creativity. The artisanal touch extends beyond coffee, as Oliver's wife weaves magic into hats and bracelets from a special natural fiber, embodying the essence of sustainable and heartfelt craftsmanship.

La Floresta is a canvas of biodiversity, where approximately 3000 trees of Maracaturra, alongside Colombia and Castillo varieties, flourish. Each variety undergoes a unique post-collection processing, beginning with hand-selected cherries for peak ripeness, followed by a meticulous fermentation process. The Maracaturra beans, known for their distinct size and flavor, are fermented for 48 hours with a bit of water, ensuring a depth of taste that captivates the palate. This careful process culminates in a drying period of 16 days on raised beds, a system Oliver has perfected through research and innovation.

Attention to Detail in Processing 

At La Floresta, the commitment to excellence is deeply embedded in their post-collection processing techniques. Oliver Berdugo's approach involves specific fermentation times tailored to each coffee variety—48 hours for Maracaturra, about 32 hours for Colombia, and 28 hours for Castillo. This precision ensures that each bean's unique characteristics are perfectly captured, followed by an extended drying period on carefully designed raised beds. This method not only enhances the coffee's intrinsic qualities but also reflects a deep respect for the natural processes that contribute to the bean's final flavor profile.

Working with specialty coffee for a relatively short amount of time, Oliver's commitment to refining the post-collection processing is evident in the exceptional quality of the beans produced at La Floresta. The partnership with passionate and determined producers like Oliver Berdugo allows us to bring a piece of Colombia's rich coffee heritage to your cup.

As we celebrate the spirit of La Floresta, we invite you to experience the culmination of tradition, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Savor the unique flavors and stories woven into each bean, from the heart of Huila to the comfort of your home.

You can read so much more about this wonderful coffee at our blog here.


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