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DR Congo Bishange
DR Congo Bishange
DR Congo Bishange
DR Congo Bishange

DR Congo Bishange

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DR Congo 

Washing Station :


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Bourbon, Catuai, Kabare 2, Blue Mountain


North Kivo Province 





Tasting Notes

Plum, Apricot and Honey


For those who have been following our coffee journey since we were established in 2016, you might recall we love a good coffee from DR Congo. 

This one is sure to please.

Unfortunately we have had to say goodbye to the co-op that we usually buy from due to reasons out of our control, but with every sad goodbye we open ourselves to new unexplored opportunities. 

I am so excited to bring to you this stunning coffee as it represents everything that is good about the come back story of DR Congo. It was not that long ago that we were hearing stories about farmers taking their coffees across the border to Rwanda and bartering their harvest for food and supplies. 

Those same coffees were re-bagged and sold on the market as high grade coffees produced in “Rwanda”. We are not here to cause trouble but only to muse about how good Congo coffees are! Let’s not forget that before the civil unrest in Congo they used to be the 2nd largest producer of coffee in Africa! 

SOPACDI (Solidarité Paysanne pour la Promotion des Actions Café et Development Intégral) was founded in 2003 and has 5600 farmers in the association and growing. SOPACDI was set up when it restored a washing station and provided services to the growers in these extremely remote highlands.  

Bishange, this particular washing station, services a smaller group of nearby farmers of around 688 members. These coffees are traceable to the individual washing stations, where members will deliver their coffee in cherry form and receive payment for what they bring based on volume. After that point the coffee is sorted and will be separated into lots depending on the day and the quality. 

This particular coffee showed some fantastic body while it was hot, then as it cooled it became so interestingly balanced and delicate it just shimmered like a bright light off the tasting table.

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