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Costa Rica - La Lia - 2022
Costa Rica - La Lia - 2022
Costa Rica - La Lia - 2022

Costa Rica - La Lia - 2022

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Costa Rica

Farm Name:

La Lia

Growers Name

Luis Alberto Monge 








White Honeyed 

Tasting Notes

Green Grape, Honey, Black Tea

La Lia is back for a second time for us at Tectonic Coffee.

We love coffees from Costa Rica and this coffee is sure to please those hunting for some fun processes. The coffee is a white honeyed process which means that when they depulp the cherry and extract the seeds (coffee beans,) mucilage is left on the bean which aids in amping up the sweetness! 

La Lia is named after Luis Monge’s mother and as with a lot of farms in Costa Rica, La Lia handles their own processing. This allows them greater expression in their craft and opens up possibilities to sell directly to businesses abroad. 

The coffee variety Catuai is predominantly grown on the farm which lends to a delightful cup of coffee. Tasting notes of Mandarin, Caramel and Cacao present an acidity that is delightful, while being harmoniously balanced with a sultry body. 

We hope you enjoy this coffee, please feel free to let us know what you think! 

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