Costa Rica Vera Blanca

Costa Rica Vera Blanca

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Costa Rica

Farm Name:

Finca Vera Blanca

Growers Name

Ernesto Jose Valverde Solis








Yellow Honey

Tasting Notes

Dried Peach, Macadamia and Chocolate


Here is a thing. 

In the history of Tectonic Coffee we have not carried any coffees from Costa Rica. For no real reason other than we did not have the volume to warrant bringing in a different origin. 

Now that we have grown a bit the timing was ripe to reach out to my good friend Fransisco of Exclusive Coffees San Jose Costa Rica and request some samples. 

He sent up a smattering of offerings for us to try and we are excited to say that we found a gem. A yellow honey process coffee, which means when they depulp the cherry to extract the coffee seeds, they will leave the musalidge on the seed, rather than wash it off and then dry it in the sun. 

This adds an interesting sweetness to the cup and the producers in Costa Rica have become experts in both this processing method and marketing it as “Honey” what we would otherwise call pulped natural. 

We hope to go visit Vera Blanca next harvest so we can connect the dots and fingers crossed start a lasting relationship with the producers in partnership with Exclusive Coffees.

More to come. 

Deaton Pigot


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