Muungano - Democratic Republic of Congo

Muungano - Democratic Republic of Congo

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spiced wine

Elevation: 2000

Region: Democratic Republic of Congo

Variety: Bourbon,

Process: Washed

The feel good story that we have been watching since 2012.

As always we are really excited to get this coffee back into your mugs.

First, it taste soooo good, we usually don’t like spouting that a coffee from one origin taste like a coffee from another origin. But this is a really good way to describe what this DRC coffee taste like.

Take the body of a good Rwanda coffee and pair it with the round acidity of a Kenya and voila! You have Congo (painting with broad strokes that is).

This coffee is sure to deliver a similar profile in the cup and if you own a Ember mug like we do be sure to drink the stunning coffee at 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

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