Ethiopia - Hola Bariti
Ethiopia - Hola Bariti
Ethiopia - Hola Bariti

Ethiopia - Hola Bariti

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Halo Bariti 


Wolishalo, Kurume, and Dega






Fully Washed

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Bergamot, Black Tea, Blackberry 


If our numbers are correct this should be the last Ethiopia coffee offering we have until the new harvest coffees start landing in the 2nd quarter of this year. 

Let us point out some fun coffee varieties in this coffee we are roasting for you.

Wolishalo is an old coffee plant that is found in the Highlands of Ethiopia. It actually goes by two names and some people call it the Welicho Variety. It is wild or native to Ethiopia but interestingly has made its way and had success in Indonesia as well.

Kurume is another native variety and it was only given a name in the late 80’s early 90’s. It is known to be somewhat disease resistant, a fact that was highlighted during a devastating coffee berry disease that ripped through the continent.  This variety also happens to be high yielding and bids well in dryer conditions.

Dega is an abundant landrace tree and is ingidgenous to Ethiopia. It is known in part, for its sweet smelling fragrance when used for fuel which is reminiscent of the aromas during the coffee roasting process. Dega means cool highland area which is where the tree is mostly found. 

The importance of biodiversity to help mitigate disease is critical to worldwide coffee production and lessons learned during hardship are still being taught to this day. Typically we would just call the names of the trees that are in any given coffee lot from Ethiopia, heirloom. It has only been a recent adoption that we are seeing more and more specificity when naming what varieties are in our coffees.

A good thing.

As always hit us up on social media and let us know what you think! 

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