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Ethiopia - Reko - 2024

Ethiopia - Reko - 2024

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Haile Gebre

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Reko Smallholders Communities






Kurume, Mixed Heirloom





Tasting Notes

Tangerine, Earl Grey and Nectarine


Discover the Essence of Ethiopian Coffee with Reko from the Aricha Washing Station

Embark on a journey to the heart of Ethiopia's renowned coffee-growing region with our latest offering, the Reko coffee from the Aricha washing station. Nestled in the landscapes of Yirgacheffe, the Aricha washing station produces some of the most complex and floral coffees in the world.

A Legacy of Excellence: The Revival of Aricha

The Aricha washing station, located just a few kilometers from the town of Yirgacheffe, is surrounded by several coffee-growing communities, including Aricha, Reko, Gersi, Naga Singage, and Idido. Despite its potential, the station was left to decay until Faysel Abdosh and Testi Coffee took over in 2018. With a deep understanding of coffee cultivation, Faysel and his team breathed new life into the station, transforming it into one of Testi’s smoothest operating facilities.

The Reko Community: Crafting Excellence at High Altitudes

Reko, a community in the Reko mountain area of Yirgacheffe’s Kochere district, sits at an elevation ranging from 1950 to 2150 meters above sea level. This high altitude, combined with fertile soils and an ideal microclimate, creates the perfect conditions for growing exceptional coffee. The farmers here, part of the Gedeo ethnic group, have cultivated coffee for generations on small family-owned plots of land. At the Aricha washing station, each community's lot is processed separately, preserving the unique flavor profiles of their coffees. 

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Flavors

Reko coffee from the Aricha washing station is a sensory delight. The first sip reveals the elegant, bergamot essence of Earl Grey tea. As the coffee cools, vibrant flavors of tangerine and nectarine emerge, adding a zesty brightness and a sweet, juicy undertone that lingers on the palate. Each cup is a testament to the skill and dedication of the Reko farmers and the transformative power of the Aricha washing station.

Building a Better Future Together

Faysel Abdosh and Testi Coffee are committed to working hand in hand with the farming communities, fostering growth and sustainability. By bringing electricity to farmers’ homes and building a school for the community's children, they are investing in a brighter future for the Aricha community. Testi Coffee also shares profits with the farmers, providing an incentive to continually improve the quality of their coffee.

Join Us on a Journey of Flavor and Discovery

We invite you to savor the complex flavors of this Reko coffee and know that each sip supports the dedicated farmers who make it all possible.

Order your Reko coffee today and be part of this remarkable coffee story. Discover more about the passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to quality that defines Reko coffee from the Aricha washing station on our blog.


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