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Ethiopia - Yabitu Koba

Ethiopia - Yabitu Koba

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Feku Jabril 






Yabitu Koba 


JAARC selections & Indigenous Landraces





Tasting Notes

Black Tea, Orange Blossom, Rose Water


As we say in the industry “better latte than never!”

We have been sweating for this coffee to land for a long time! We try our darndest to keep an Ethiopia Single Origin coffee on our menu all year long, but alas this year we just could not get the stars to align and there has been a two week lapse in our offerings. 

That said, can I get a “FRESH CROP!!!!”

The bottlenecks from COVID continue to plague our industry and we are still getting huge delays in coffees landing in time. 

But that is in the past so let's talk about what you are about to put into your cups. 

Feku Jebril is the person on the ground organizing not one but 3 different communities, Yabitu Koba, Goro Dimtu and Lay Teraga. Feku Jebril brings an engineering type approach to leaving behind the loose standards and systems that are seemingly still in place to this day. 

Not new to the game, his entire family are firmly entrenched in the coffee industry. In the early 2000’s Feku saw producers planting a lot more coffee so he took upon himself to get educated and started working at a coop. What foresight because now two decades later the coffees he is handling through his washing station called Hana Asarat in Yobitu Koba are something to behold. 

We are excited to get this coffee to you as it jumped off the table when we cupped it here in Los Angeles. 

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