Guatemala El Piloncito

Guatemala El Piloncito

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Gustavo Rosales


Bourbon, Caturra 


Chimaltenango, Guatemala






El Piloncito is back! 

For those of you who have been following the Tectonic Coffee story you would remember that this coffee has been a part of our menu since 2018. Sadly we were not able to visit Don Gustavo and his manager Santiago Bocel last year because of the pandemic. Not only that, due to shut downs and shipping constraints we could not get their coffees into America! 

FINALLY the coffee has landed and this year we had to battle shipping container shortages and backlogs at port… So a coffee that normally lands in May is only being roasted here at the end of September. 

2020 was not the only tough year for Don Gustavo and his family. 

Chimaltenango sits in the shadow of Volcán de Fuego, which if you remember, erupted in 2018 and caused widespread damage. Our friends kept us informed and thankfully, El Piloncito had no workers on the farm at the time. Apart from ash falling onto the farm they all remain safe and sound. 

So even through all that adversity their farm is still producing exceptional coffees and we cannot wait to get this year’s lot into your hands. 

We hope you enjoy El Piloncito this year as much as we are in the roastery. 

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