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Guatemala - El Piloncito - Direct Trade
Guatemala - El Piloncito - Direct Trade
Guatemala - El Piloncito - Direct Trade

Guatemala - El Piloncito - Direct Trade

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Gustavo Rosales




Chimaltenango, Guatemala




Bourbon, Caturra 



Tasting Notes 

Cantaloupe, Honey and Cocoa 

For more on this seismograph see this video

The cost of your cup

12oz drip coffee $0.70 cents - 1:17 ratio.

1 x 18 gram shot of espresso $0.61 cents - 1:2.5 ratio

El Piloncito is back! 

Gosh it feels good to say that. This marks the 4th year we have carried coffees from our friends at El Piloncito. 

As our coffees from Central America start to land (albeit late this year) it is cause to celebrate.  Some of our longest relationships come out of this area, and finally getting to roast their coffees again is like living abroad and going home to visit family after a year away.

For those of you who have been following the Tectonic Coffee story, you would remember that this coffee has been a part of our menu since 2018. 

Gustavo Rosales is a professional who bought this land and started growing coffee as a second income. After some years he retired, and now he and his wife are fully dedicated to growing coffee. His land has been in the family for over 125 years but he started planting coffee about 25 years ago, and he has delivered his cherries at Bella Vista for 10 years now.

Gustavo continues to develop his land.  They recently dug a well and now have the capacity to water plants at critical stages when water is needed and rain is not available.  The wet and dry mill Gustavo uses has been completed at Bella Vista. This has resulted in an improvement of the quality of the process  which helps raise the perceived quality in the cup … the coffee cup that is.

This year, hopefully, will showcase their hard work and we will be doing our best to represent all of their efforts. 

As always let us know what you think over on the socials. 

Roasted in Los Angeles, CA, USA. 

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