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Guatemala - El Piloncito (2020 Catalog)
Guatemala - El Piloncito (2020 Catalog)
Guatemala - El Piloncito (2020 Catalog)

Guatemala - El Piloncito (2020 Catalog)

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Gustavo Rosales

Farm Name 









Bourbon, Caturra 



Tasting Notes 

Cantaloupe, Honey and Cocoa 

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El Piloncito has been a partner of Tectonic Coffee for five years now. Our relationship is built on mutual respect and a shared passion for producing top-quality coffee. Every year, we are thrilled to receive their beans, and each batch tells a story of hard work, dedication, and innovation.

This year, the story is even more special. I had the privilege of spending time in Guatemala, with the charming city of Antigua as my base. The trip wasn't just about business. It was about immersing myself in the culture, understanding the farming techniques, and truly connecting with the land and its people.

While in Guatemala, I explored the fascinating world of regenerative farming. This approach to agriculture focuses on revitalizing the land, enhancing biodiversity, and improving the ecosystem. I learned how regenerative farming doesn't just benefit the environment but also enhances the quality and taste of coffee, embodying the perfect synergy between nature and our beloved bean. These principles resonate deeply with Tectonic Coffee's ethos, and I am excited to see how these practices enrich our partnerships.

No trip would be complete without indulging in the local cuisine. From rich stews to zesty salsas, Guatemalan food is a riot of flavors. Every meal was an adventure, giving me a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of Guatemalan culture.

During my stay, I had the chance to tour multiple farms. Each farm, with its unique character and story, left an indelible mark on me. The dedication of the farmers, their love for the land, and their innovative techniques were truly inspiring. It reinforced my belief in direct trade and the importance of fostering strong, personal relationships with our partners.

In conclusion, this year's batch from El Piloncito is not just about great coffee. It's a blend of tradition, innovation, and personal connections. It's about the beautiful journey of the beans, from the regeneratively nurtured soils of Guatemala to your cup. Enjoy the brew and the story it tells. Cheers!

Join the Regenerative Journey with Tectonic Coffee

Each cup of Tectonic Coffee is a step towards a more sustainable world. Dive deeper into our story of regenerative farming and its impact on every bean we roast.

Regenerative Farming: A Symphony of Sustainability in Agriculture

Discover how your choice of coffee can make a difference. Embrace the taste, embrace the change.

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