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Moises and Marysabel Caballeros 

Farm Name

La Tanairi










Semi Anaerobic

Tasting Notes

Plum Jasmine and Bergamot 

For more on this seismograph see this video

We are excited to present a coffee from our friends and producers Marysabel and Moises Caballero for a 4th year in a row (6 if you count the former coffee company that shall remain nameless). 

Marysabel and Moises have a gorgeous wet mill where they process only the ripest cherries. They also have the option to dry coffee on raised African beds, drying patios or in a mechanical drying machine.

However, this year they have done something a little different and the results are fantastic! 

A note from Moises himself on what he is calling Semi Anaerobic 


Every day after the picking time is over, we weigh each picker's cherry aka coffee. Afterwards, we put the coffee in plastic bags similar to Grain-pro bags which we then transport to the place where the coffee will be dried later on.

 We keep the coffee in the plastic bags for 72 hours before sending them to dry in the beds or patios. Normally this drying process takes around 20-25 days depending on the weather. When the person in charge of the patios believes the coffee is ready, they check to make sure the humidity of the coffee is around 9.5 to 10.5% and if so, they proceed to collect and we take a sample for every batch and then proceed to store the coffee in the warehouse.

Sometimes we call semi anaerobic “extended fermentation”. The difference with not 100% (semi) anaerobic is the coffee is not completely sealed and the gasses can “go out” easily compared with the 100% anaerobic. The 100% anaerobic process is left in coffee in barrels with a one way valve.  The other difference between semi and 100% is we can't control all the variants, meaning gas, temperature in the plastic bags.

Our Take

I think this is a great proof of concept, that even without the expense of barrels with one way valves, there is something to the Anaerobic process. Who knows after the success of this initial trial it might just give Moises and Marysabel the confidence to expand the program and do more volume next harvest. 

We are super excited to be able to share this experiment with you, let us know what you think!

The cost of your cup

12oz drip coffee $0.68 cents - 1:17 ratio.

1 x 18 gram shot of espresso $0.59 cents - 1:2.5 ratio

Roasted in Los Angeles California 

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