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Kenya Kabare

Kenya Kabare

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SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, and Batian







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Plum, Peach and Bergamot 

Hands down Kenya has some of the most stunning coffees going around. The producers don’t need to do anything out of the norm or rely on any special prep other than good hard work and diligence to make a great tasting coffee.

They really know their stuff and the managers at the Konyu washing station, or factory as they call them in Kenya, are getting some spectacular tasting coffees out to us. Kirinyaga county is certainly well-known among the central counties for its jammy, exuberant coffees and this coffee sure does live up to their reputation. 

The Konyu processing station, has 1000 contributing farmer members, and is one of 11 factories that comprise its local cooperative society, Kabare. As with most cooperatives the collective has a say in how the profits are distributed amongst their members or local initiatives. 

Kenya coffees are auctioned off based on cup quality. There are times that the coffees demand a very large premium which is great for the growers and the cooperatives. As for coffee buyers we have to weigh up the price to quality ratio and try to find that “sweet” spot that is manageable here for the US market. 

Even though I believe that coffee is possibly the most undervalued commodity on the planet, we still have to think about how much we can buy and sell so it is sustainable all the way from the growers to you.  

We think we have found that coffee!

Starting off with notes of ripe plum and cooling to a delicate peach and bergamot like finish we are sure that you will enjoy this drop of joy. 

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