12oz / Whole Bean
Rwanda - Kayumbu Station
Rwanda - Kayumbu Station
Rwanda - Kayumbu Station

Rwanda - Kayumbu Station

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Kayumbu Station 


Bourbon, Jackson


Kamonyi District 





Tasting Notes

Cherry ripe chocolate bar 


Cherry ripe chocolate bar???

For those in the know this is the coffee for you, for all those who are not in the know check out this wikipedia page for what the delicacy is to us expats. 😊

What a gem we can’t wait to get this coffee into your hands! This coffee marks the first time our Roaster and Quality Control Specialist Danny has taken the rains and purchased a coffee for Tectonic. If you know him personally you will know that natural process coffees are (excuse the pun) his jam. 

As for this particular lot from the Kayumbu station, an army built station in the Southern District of Rwanda we know that 1055 growers contribute to the cherry within. As with a lot of stations in Africa co-ops are the governing bodies that decide how to do business in the area. 

Quality has been ever increasing with the aid of Rwacof and Kahawatu foundation’s on going training and development in the area. This effort has been in play since 2013 and if you dare to try something that reminds us of home than you will be rewarding your taste buds. 

As this is Tectonic Coffee’s first Natural Process coffee (but not the last) please drop us a line and let us know what you think. 


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