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Tanzania - Ilomba - 2024

Tanzania - Ilomba - 2024

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Ilomba Best AMCOS


Bourbon, Kent, Typica







Tasting Notes

Bergamot, Plum, Black Tea

Tanzanian Coffee Redefined: The Ilomba AB FW Story

Nestled in the breathtaking highlands of Tanzania, a coffee that redefines excellence awaits. The Ilomba AB FW, a gem among beans, is more than just a coffee; it's a symbol of the rich Tanzanian coffee culture. Grown at altitudes surpassing 1700 meters, each bean is a testament to the unique climate and soil of the region, bringing out a distinct flavor profile found only in the Bourbon Kent Typica varietals.

Crafted on Small Farms with Big Ambitions

This exceptional coffee originates from small-scale farms, each spanning 1-2 hectares. These farms are not just plots of land; they are cradles of ambition and dedication where farmers pour their hearts into every bean. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every batch of coffee produced. These farmers are the unsung heroes of the coffee world, transforming their small plots into bastions of quality and environmental stewardship.

A Symphony of Flavors

The Ilomba AB FW is a fully washed coffee, a process that meticulously removes the coffee cherry's fruit layers, revealing a bean that's pure and unadulterated. This method ensures that each cup you pour is a symphony of flavors, harmonizing boldness with refinement. It's a sensory journey, from the first aroma to the last sip, showcasing the farmers' relentless pursuit of perfection.

Building a Community of Coffee Excellence

At the core of the Ilomba coffee is a community-driven ethos. This spirit of togetherness extends beyond the cooperative, touching every farmer in the region. By supporting all farmers, even those outside our cooperative, we strive to elevate the quality of coffee and, in turn, the livelihoods of these hardworking individuals. It's a collective journey towards better coffee and better lives.

The Tectonic Touch: A Journey in Every Cup

When you choose Ilomba AB FW, you're not just choosing a coffee; you're embarking on a journey. With each sip, you'll experience our commitment to quality, the richness of the Tanzanian soil, and the vibrant spirit of its people. This coffee tells a story - of dreams, of community, and of a relentless pursuit of excellence. It's a journey we at Tectonic Coffee are proud to share with you, one cup at a time.

Craving more on this exquisite brew? Dive deeper into the story of Ilomba AB FW on our blog. Uncover the journey from bean to cup!


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