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Ethiopia - Worka Chelbessa

Ethiopia - Worka Chelbessa

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Neguesse Debela






Worka Chelbessa 


JAARC selections & Local Landraces





Tasting Notes

Berries, bergamot and jasmine


Introducing our latest addition to the Tectonic Coffee Company family - Worka Chelbessa Washed Grade 1 from the renowned Gedeb region of Ethiopia. This exquisite coffee is the result of the hard work of coffee producer Neguesse Debela, owner of SNAP, who has been working with farmers in the kebele of Worka Chelbessa to create a coffee that is truly exceptional.

This coffee is made from the 1974-1975 JARC Selections & Local Landraces variety, harvested in December to January, and grown at an elevation of 1900 - 2200 MASL. The unique combination of traditional underwater fermentation and dry fermentation creates a flavor profile that is truly unique, with tasting notes of berries, bergamot and jasmine.

Neguesse Debela's journey into coffee was inspired by a pour-over he had during a trip to Minnesota, and since then he has been dedicated to producing the highest quality coffee. With the help of Abenezer Asafaw, his quality and coffee manager, he has been able to create a coffee that is not only delicious but also ethically produced.

At Tectonic Coffee Company, we are proud to offer our customers the finest coffee from around the world, and Worka Chelbessa is no exception. With its rich history, exceptional quality, and unique flavor profile, this coffee is sure to be a hit with coffee lovers everywhere. So why not try it today and experience the best that Ethiopian coffee has to offer?

For more information on the Local Landraces and JARC Selection Varieties make sure to head over to our Stories page.

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