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Award-Winning Coffee | 2018 Golden Bean North America

One month after Tectonic Coffee launched, we heard that news that ALL 4 coffees we entered into the 2018 Golden Bean North America Awards each came home with a medal!

Recently I attended the 2018 North American Golden Bean awards as both an attendee and a judge on the 19th through to 22nd of September this year.

The competition has been running for many years in Australia and New Zealand making it now the largest roasting competition in the world.


The setup is simple:

Gather like-minded coffee professionals, lock them into a function room in a hotel, hold educational seminars and, of course, taste coffee. This event had quite a diverse group of judges and attendees. Countries represented included Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, South Korea, China, and Canada-just to name a few.

10 categories are judged ranging from filter coffee through to single origin espresso, espresso with milk, and espresso. The coffees are brewed in what they called the "engine room," a space lined with espresso machines and brewers.

Because each category costs some money to enter, we kept it simple and only sent in 4 coffees in 4 categories. I am happy to say that we placed in all four categories we entered! 

I am incredibly proud of my production team, Douglas Meils our Head Roaster and Dalton Sargent our shift lead.



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