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A Conversation with Moises and Marysabel of Honduras, Finca La Tanairi.

We talk about -

Their families history in Honduras and Coffee.

How Moises and Marysabel met and when they got married.

The difference between Brazil and Honduras growers.

How many coffee producers are in Honduras.

Maiden name vs Married name.

How the Honduras Government handled the pandemic.

The timing of the crop to the pandemic hitting Honduras.

School and how the school on their property is handling their school year.

Then nature interrupts our chat...

An update on our annual thought session and the funds we raised for a small school on their property.

The local health system.

How we can help this year in this time.

Moises and Marysabel donated COVID testing machines and protective gear.

Deaton gets misty eyed as he reflects on Moises and Marysabel's nature and impact they have on anyone within their circle.

In this Video Moises Harrer, Marysabel Caballero and Deaton Pigot.

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