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Face masks for Honduras - Update.

Remember this initiative? 

October 2020 we put the call out to our friends, family and customers that for every face mask we sold we would donate one to our friends in Honduras, Moises and Marysabel Caballero. We had a fantastic response and were able to construct 500 masks in children, teen and adult sizes. 

We constructed the children's and teen masks in a softer multi layered fabrics and the adults from recycled coffee sacks with cotton lining. The idea was to make the masks durable enough so they could be washed and reworn. 

We managed to send the masks down in January 2021 but unfortunately the schools in Honduras did not open until the start of the school season in September 2021. That is right they lost an entire school year to the COVID pandemic. 

When school started back it was time to get face masks into the hands that needed them, including some of the workers on the farms.

What follows are some photos we received from Marcala Honduras and if you are interested you can still purchase the masks HERE


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