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From Ground to Cup: Unveiling the Journey of Asman Arianto's Sumatra Gayo Coffee


Embark with us on an enlightening exploration of the vibrant and distinctive Asman Arianto's Sumatra Gayo Coffee, one of the unique highlights in our Tectonic Coffee collection. This coffee journey transcends the simple act of sipping on your morning brew, revealing the intricate process of coffee cultivation, the dedicated individuals, and the cultural aspects that together weave a rich tapestry of taste and experience. Released July 2023.

The Asman Arianto Sumatra Gayo - A Unique Coffee Profile

At Tectonic Coffee, we're on a mission to discover and bring forth distinct brews that redefine the coffee experience. Our recent encounter with the Sumatra Gayo coffee, produced by Asman Arianto, undoubtedly stands as a testament to this mission. This coffee, featuring a diverse set of varietals including Abyssinia, Ateng, Gayo 1, Gayo 2, and Timtim, undergoes a meticulous fully washed processing method. The result is an unmistakable, complex flavor profile that delivers a delightful shockwave to your taste buds.

Meet Asman Arianto - The Man Behind the Coffee

The soul of any coffee is imprinted by the passion and dedication of those who nurture it from seed to cup. Asman Arianto, the visionary founder of the Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative, has poured his heart and soul into this extraordinary coffee. Arianto's unwavering commitment to ensuring farmers receive fair prices, coupled with his keen eye for quality, lays the foundation for a coffee experience that is as unique and inspiring as the man who orchestrated its creation.

Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative - Empowerment and Sustainable Growth

At the heart of the Sumatra Gayo Coffee story is the Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative. With over 350 members, it's a catalyst for community growth, development, and sustainability.

Ensuring fair wage for coffee pickers is a cornerstone of the cooperative. Regardless of global coffee market flux, members receive stable, above-average pay, promoting quality in every bean harvested.

Premiums from superior coffee sales are reinvested into the community, enhancing farming equipment, processing facilities, or advancing agricultural education and training.

The cooperative also champions continual learning, fostering knowledge exchange and innovation. Improved practices lead to superior beans, higher premiums, and further community investment. 

By prioritizing its people and coffee quality, the cooperative shapes a brighter future for Sumatran coffee, serving as a blueprint for others to follow.


The Cultural Influence - How the Sumatran Region and Processing Methods Shape the Coffee

Situated in the verdant landscapes of Indonesia, the Sumatran region confers a distinct character upon every coffee bean cultivated within its borders. This unique profile is a product of not just the area's unique climate and volcanic soils, but also of cultural heritage deeply rooted in coffee cultivation. Traditional techniques passed down through generations merge seamlessly with innovative practices such as transitioning from the local wet-hulled method to fully washed processing.

Historically, Sumatran farmers employed a method known as wet hulling or "Giling Basah." This technique, renowned for creating coffee with earthy, spicy flavors and a full body, involved removing the coffee bean's parchment layer when still damp, post a brief drying period to bring the moisture down to about 30 to 35%. However, wet hulling often led to inconsistent quality and potential damage to the coffee beans due to early parchment removal.

Asman Arianto, challenging tradition for the sake of quality, adopted the fully washed processing method for his Sumatra Gayo Coffee. By fermenting the beans in water tanks, thoroughly washing away any residual fruit, and allowing for slow drying before the final hulling, this method presents cleaner, brighter, and more consistent flavors. 

This shift in processing also symbolizes a wider cultural transition - an inclination towards embracing new techniques to enhance quality while preserving the core heritage. Local festivals celebrating the harvest and cooperative learning between farmers further enrich this cultural tapestry. Since this shift has occurred, it feels like the curtains have been lifted, revealing the stunning coffees that were once hidden.

From Ground to Cup - The Coffee Journey

The journey of a coffee bean from a verdant coffee plantation to your steaming morning cup is an epic tale of transformation. Asman Arianto's Sumatra Gayo Coffee invites you to discover this intricate process, unveiling the layers of cultivation, meticulous harvesting, careful processing, and the art of brewing that lies behind every sip. By gaining a deeper understanding of these stages, coffee lovers can truly appreciate the symphony of efforts that harmonize to create their cherished brew.


The Asman Arianto Sumatra Gayo Coffee is more than just another variety in our collection - it's a celebration of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to quality. It embodies the spirit of cooperation and community fostered by the Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative. As you savor the rich notes of this coffee, we invite you to honor the extraordinary journey it undertook, from the scenic landscapes of the Sumatran region to your coffee mug.

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