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Pedro Echavarria Part 1 - Colombia - Permagino Coffee

Part 1 - Recorded Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Topics included in this episode -

  • Introduction
  • COVID & Positive Cases within staff
  • How did Pedro handle the in house crisis.
  • Quarantining USA v Colombia
  • How did Colombia handle the pandemic at large? Hint, it ain’t political.
  • Travel within the country of Permagino - a vertically integrated family business.
  • Coffee Price stability of yesteryear
  • Humble beginnings to fruitful business
  • Cafes open now
  • History of coffee farms

Featuring Deaton Pigot and Pedro Echavarría in this video

You can try the first coffee from two that we will be releasing here.

Tectonic Coffee Company

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