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Peru - A Conversation with Aleco Chigounis

We had a great conversation with Aleco of Red Fox, to celebrate our release of a fantastic coffee from Finca La Guaba Peru. This coffee is an exceptional drop that you need to get into your mugs at home.


You can buy the coffee here


Topic discussed in this show are:


Chigounis a Spartan name

Red Fox an introduction

Offices at origin, is that a critical part of business?

Aleco Before Stumptown

Aleco’s time at Stumptown

Direct Trade who coined that term?

Cup of excellence a spring board to direct trade?

Direct Trade what is it today?

The impact of travel, is it necessary anymore?

Importers and their part in our coffee industry

Barista level knowledge of Importers!

Coffee importers/ wine importers and their similarities

Peru and its coffee regions explained in detail

Of course we talk about the Pandemic

The Pandemic as an importer, how'd it go?


In this show is Aleco Chigounis and Deaton Pigot


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