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A Word from the Founder: Introducing Tectonic Coffee Co.

Hi there,

You might be wondering...why the change?

Thanks to the support of this community, Take Flight Coffee has been an immense success from day one. We’re fortunate to have the most amazing partners serving our coffee and, in our short 2 years of business, Take Flight has garnered an impressive list of accolades. Beyond that, our sales have grown at a breakneck pace with this year’s numbers quickly eclipsing our 2017 figures in the first few months.

This rapid success is not taken for granted; we’re sincerely grateful to all who have supported us and in order to honor your partnership, we decided it was imperative that we take a step back and recommit to our values.   We want to share our coffee with a wider audience and lead the industry by emphasizing transparency, quality, and honesty through our company. We’ve been great at accomplishing this mission in our immediate footprint, but by no means should we stop and rest on our laurels when there is more we can do. 

So in the third quarter of last year I started to think outside of the box and considered what would get us up and over into “the next level?” How can we reach more people while at the same time provide more personality and insight into what we do? 

I began talking to the owner of Thought Foundry Ventures, a digital innovations company based here in LA. We spoke about the challenges of reaching an audience outside of our footprint without actually meeting them - all while maintaining our vision of providing personalized service. Last year after an exploration of big ideas, we eventually decided to join forces. It’s a move to reform the company and make the brand’s identity more appealing, exciting, and altogether more familiar.






Tectonic Coffee Company
First orders launch August 13



The name is one part a wink to our California heritage, one part a nod to technology, and one part an acknowledgment of the ever-progressing (yet traditional) foundations of the coffee roaster business model. I believe we can shake things up to create a truly great experience for the home user and at the same time, create a level of transparency that our wholesale partners can support and get behind. 

The blue skies are big and vast and we have so many exciting projects that we will release incrementally to our loyal customers.

  • A one of a kind subscription service, where we will be crowdsourcing seasonal blends.

  • Online user portals so our wholesale customers can log in and manage their own orders and accounts.

  • A fundraiser that aims to put roofs over school children's heads in Honduras so they can eat lunch in sanitary conditions.

  • Thought Sessions, where our partners can gain insights directly from industry leaders on how they can affect their businesses toward increased prosperity.

And that’s only scratching the surface - we have so many more projects and technological advances we want to roll out over the coming year.

As a small business owner, I’m lucky to have made a lot of friends over the past two years. I hope that you will continue to trust in our pursuit to be even more inclusive, and continue to support my business as we continue to grow and push the envelope.

Thanks again for being a part of that journey and here’s to looking towards a exciting future together that will be truly earthmoving.


Deaton Pigot


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