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Tectonic Coffee Company: A Pioneering Force in Sustainable Coffee Roasting

This Earth Day, we at Tectonic Coffee Company are thrilled to showcase our commitment to sustainability. Our environmentally conscious efforts span from state-of-the-art roasting processes to innovative recycling and composting programs. Here's a closer look at the initiatives that embody our dedication to the planet's well-being:

Innovating with Loring Roasters for Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our choice to roast 70% of our coffee on the Loring roasters is pivotal to our sustainability mission. These roasters are a marvel of eco-friendly engineering, cutting down energy usage by up to 80% compared to conventional methods, which efficiency translates to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions.

You can learn more about Loring's environmental benefits at

Recycling GrainPro Bags in Collaboration

We've teamed up with GrainPro and Neumann Gruppe USA for an impactful recycling program targeting our GrainPro bags. These bags, crucial for maintaining green coffee quality, are now systematically recycled, diverting them from landfills and minimizing waste.

You can read more about the GrainPro bag recycling initiative here:

Pioneering Milk Carton Recycling and Composting of Coffee Pucks with Athens Services

Our sustainability efforts extend to our cafe through a milk carton recycling program and composting program for used coffee pucks developed in partnership with Athens Services. Both initiatives use the power of recycling and composting to transform waste into resources. 

Learn more or get involved at and

At Tectonic Coffee Company, we're driven by the belief that sustainable practices not only benefit the environment but also enrich our community and industry. We're continually exploring innovative ways to expand our eco-friendly initiatives, striving to set new standards for sustainability in the coffee world. Thank you for supporting our journey toward a more sustainable future.

To continue following along on our sustainability efforts, visit us at

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