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Tectonic Out In The Wild

Well, we did it.

We launched a brand new coffee company, sort of.

Some things did not change, like the awesome coffee we have and the great relationships we maintain both at home and abroad.

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Everything else on the other hand, did change.

From ensuring our packaging is even more recyclable, down to our new way of communicating to our customers in part through technology.

Alvin and I went on the mission to visit all of our customers in person throughout greater Los Angeles and Orange County. Armed to the teeth with pdf’s, flyers, design work and a million answers to all the questions no one had asked yet, out we set.

You see I had been dreaming up these changes since November 2017. I really wanted a brand that represented the life I have lived in coffee. I have been incredibly lucky in my time working my way up the ladder to have worked with some of the world’s most innovative companies, like Intelligentsia and Toby’s Estate Coffee.

I wanted to continue that history and create my own. I did not want to build a company that was just another status quo coffee company. So what name would suggest progresion, always moving forward and creating new boundaries? Tectonic.



Tectonic Word Mark


We fell in love with it! I mean what a perfect name that encompases all that, and more! Earth moving, groundbreaking and a tip of the hat to California with its infamous fault lines. Also to boot, it was strong enough to trademark and keep it our own.

Happily everyone seems to be on board! Our customers love the new name, brand and direction driven in part with tech. This was incredibly important to us because without our customers we would not have a business nor the incredible relationships we have formed.

It is our focus to always put our customers first, and together I hope to create a strong one of a kind coffee community.

The last shipment went out on Monday as Take Flight and we are adding some finishing touches to push out Tectonic this week!

I hope you are as excited as I am to see it out in the wild!

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