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The Birth of a Legacy: Geisha Coffee and the Dawn of the Earthmover Project

The Birth of a Legacy: Geisha Coffee and the Dawn of the Earthmover Project 

In the ever-evolving landscape of specialty coffees, the name "Geisha" reverberates with a sense of rarity, premium quality, and a rich narrative that spans continents. As we embark on a journey to unravel the mystique surrounding this prized coffee variant, we find ourselves delving deeper into the world of meticulous coffee processing, an art perfected by seasoned growers like Moises and Marysabel Caballero at their La Tanairi farm in Honduras. 

A Historical Journey

Oil Painting of Geisha Farm Lands

Geisha embarked on its journey in the 1960s, gracing the lush landscapes of Central America. Initially cultivated in Panama, it swiftly carved out a reputation for its unparalleled quality, setting a groundbreaking record in 2004 when a batch was sold for a staggering $200 per pound.

 At this juncture, we’d like to pause and address the elephant in the room - the spelling of Geisha. While in America it's often spelled as “Gesha,” aligning with its Ethiopian roots in the Gesha region, we choose to honor the Honduran producers' preference, who refer to it as “Geisha.” It’s a small but significant choice, denoting respect and authenticity in the narrative of this distinguished variety.

 Over the decades, the cultivation of Geisha transcended boundaries, finding fertile grounds in nations including Ethiopia, its ancestral home, as well as Costa Rica, Hawaii, and of course, Honduras. This global embrace is a testament to Geisha's enticing profile that marries vivid flavors with an illustrious history, a harmony that beckons coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

In a stunning testament to the enduring appeal and luxury status of Geisha coffee, a recent private auction hosted by Sensible Coffee saw a new world record being set for the most expensive coffee. The renowned Lamastus family from Panama fetched a breathtaking bid of over $6,000 per pound for their Gesha Aguacatillo, crafted with meticulous care at the highest point of the Elida Estate, well above 2,000 MASL. This coffee, heralded for its vibrant profile and distinctive notes, emerged victorious at the auction, bagging a historic price that more than doubled the previous record.

This event underscored the significant role auctions play in the specialty coffee market, connecting passionate producers with international buyers and showcasing the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship. As we at Tectonic Coffee continue our journey with Geisha, we join the coffee community in celebrating these remarkable milestones that elevate the brand value of Panama Geisha, a variety that continues to capture imaginations and tantalize palates across the globe.

The Tapestry of Flavors

What makes Geisha a sought-after choice in the premium coffee sphere is its complex and nuanced flavor profile. Our latest offering, Lot 302 from La Tanairi, is a sensory celebration with tantalizing notes of passion fruit and peach harmoniously intertwining with the floral whispers of jasmine.

This delightful dance of flavors doesn't just happen; it is sculpted meticulously through a semi-washed process that respects the bean's intrinsic qualities while unveiling unexpected and delightful notes, a symbiotic relationship between nature and nurturer that paints each cup with a rich, vivid tapestry of flavors.

Understanding the Processing

In the craft of coffee making, the processing method holds a pivotal role, often being the stage where the latent flavors and unique characteristics of the beans are sculpted. At La Tanairi, this art form takes several meticulously honed approaches, each mirrored in the various lots we have curated for you.

The Caballeros: Heartbeat of La Tanairi and Pillars of the Coffee Community

 Marysabel and Moises

In the heart of Xinacla, nestled amidst the sweeping landscapes and vibrant hues of Honduras, the La Tanairi farm stands as a testament to the dedication, love, and vision of Moises and Marysabel Caballero. But beyond the beans, beyond the meticulous processes, and beyond the tapestry of flavors, there lies a story – one of connection, legacy, and the powerful impact of direct trade.

 I've had the privilege to witness this story unfold, to see the growth and transformation of a family, a community, and a coffee legacy. My bond with the Caballeros dates back to 2010, and it's been a heartwarming journey, witnessing their children transition from the playful days in the coffee fields to pursuing higher education in America. 

 Moises and Marysabel aren't just extraordinary coffee producers; they are symbols of resilience, determination, and heart. Their names have become synonymous with authenticity, compassion, and the indomitable spirit that Earthmovers worldwide hold dear. Their journey is not merely one of producing exceptional coffee; it's about elevating communities, nurturing futures, and cementing bonds that go beyond business.

 It is with immense pride and a sense of shared purpose that we at Tectonic Coffee have joined hands with the Caballeros for the Earthmover Coffee Project. To feature their rarest Geisha in this initiative is not just a nod to the coffee's exceptional quality, but an acknowledgment of the profound difference direct trade can make. I've seen it firsthand - from the funds Tectonic has donated towards school projects in Chinacla to the enriched livelihoods across the supply chain. 

As you savor the notes of passion fruit, peach, and jasmine from La Tanairi’s Geisha, know that each sip carries with it stories of dreams realized, communities uplifted, and the indomitable spirit of Earthmovers - all beautifully embodied in Moises, Marysabel, and their journey.

Semi-Washed Process (Lot 302 - Geisha)

For Lot 302, a Geisha variant, the semi-washed process, involving a combination of wet and dry processing, comes into play. This delicate process unveils the Geisha’s famed complex flavor notes, navigating a fine balance between moisture and drying. It is a ballet choreographed with careful precision to bring forth a burst of passion fruit and peach notes harmoniously woven with jasmine's floral whispers.


Each method, reflective of the Caballeros' mastery and respect for the craft, introduces coffee enthusiasts to a vibrant spectrum of flavors, offering a deeply immersive journey through the rich landscapes of Honduras with each curated lot.

You can pre-order the coffee now.

The Earthmover Coffee Project


At Tectonic Coffee, we envision ourselves as more than just purveyors of fine coffees; we are custodians of a rich heritage and advocates for sustainable, premium quality coffee experiences. The Geisha offerings from La Tanairi, showcased in our Earthmover Coffee Project, come to you in 6-ounce jars, each holding a fragment of history, a sensory delight, a testimony to the art of coffee craftsmanship.

We invite you to not just savor a cup of coffee but to immerse yourself in a narrative woven with dedication, history, and a passionate pursuit of perfection. It's more than a coffee; it's a voyage into a world of richness, rarity, and resonance.

Embark on a Journey with Tectonic

As you sit with a cup of our Geisha coffee, we invite you to reflect on the journey, the hands, and the lands that have contributed to each vibrant note, each aromatic whisper. It's an invitation to a sensory experience, a narrative in a cup, brought to you by Tectonic Coffee, where every sip is a testimony to a rich legacy and a vision for the future steeped in quality and sustainability.

Join us in this voyage of discovery, a journey where each sip unveils a story, a tradition, and a relentless pursuit of coffee perfection.

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