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The Honduras Project 2018

During the month of September, we’ve partnered with our wholesale partners to raise $12,000 toward the Honduras Project, an effort to build a dining hall for the students at Escuela Aldea la Piedrona.

Escuela Aldea la Piedrona is school that is located donated land owned by our dear friends Marysabel & Moises Herrera. on the same farm that the Finca la Tanairi direct-trade coffee comes from.

Moises and Marysabel Herrera have been long time friends of mine since 2007 when I first started roasting their fantastic coffee. After a visit to Honduras in 2010, I’ve been buying their coffees year in, year out since 2011.

Relationships like this are incredibly rare--it’s evidence that sustainability flows both ways in a healthy partnership. They helped me in my first year of business by offering me a price that helped me be competitive in our market. In turn my purchases have grown from 5 bags in our first year to 10 bags the next…now in 2018 I am happy to say that we were able to buy 116 bags!

Escuela Aldea la Piedrona

Business aside, Moises and Marysabel have big hearts as demonstrated by their sectioning off of their own land in Xinacla to build a school for the local community. With close to 100 children and only 2 teachers to handle the workload, there is always work to be done on the site.

When Marysabel and I walked through the yards of the school during their lunch break, she noted it would be great to build a dining room. Currently, the children line up outside of the kitchen where 4 volunteers cook meals everyday, then the kids hurriedly rush off with their plates and find the nearest slice of shade or just sit in the sun and eat.

 We’re happy to be in a position to help and we’re even prouder to announce that our wholesale partners are joining us in the effort. Our goal is to build a dining room with an upgraded kitchen and utensils to provide a clean, sanitary place for them to the students to enjoy their meals protected from the elements. If we make our target of $12,000 we will take two people from one of our partner cafes down to see the project either in progress or at completion. If that goal is not achieved, all proceeds will simply be donated to the project.

The winners will tour the surrounding countryside and coffee plantations, meet the children of the school and maybe even dig a trench or two ;-)

It would be a fantastic feat for us: small business owners from every sector of the coffee supply chain coming together to make contribution to Honduras and the children of Marcala. An effort that will stand for decades to come.

- Deaton Pigot, Founder


Visit one of these participating cafés to contribute

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