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Costa Rica - La Lia - 2023

Costa Rica - La Lia - 2023

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Costa Rica

Farm Name:

La Lia

Growers Name

Luis Alberto Monge 








White Honeyed 

Tasting Notes

Jasmine, Plum, Meyer Lemon

La Lia Coffee: Where Every Sip Tells a Story

Join Tectonic Coffee on an aromatic escapade to the lush terrains of Costa Rica, where the 2023 La Lia coffee is a symphony of flavors, as complex and inviting as the land itself.

From the Heart of San Jose

Our story unfolds at a bustling cupping table in San Jose, where the discerning palates of our team dance with anticipation. As the spoons dip into each cup, the air fills with the promise of La Lia's bounty. It's here that the vibrant note of Plum first whispers of the richness to come, a precursor to the full experience that awaits.

A Journey to Tarrazu

Navigating the serpentine roads to Tarrazu, each turn brings us closer to the source, the excitement growing with the altitude. Amidst moments of awe and the occasional flutter of car-sickness, we're reminded of the journey these beans have taken—each curve and contour contributing to their final taste.

The Artisanal Craft of La Lia

Upon the sunlit drying beds, the beans bask, their essence deepening. The delicate floral hint of Jasmine begins to bloom within each bean, a testament to the artisanal touch that defines La Lia's process—a harmony of tradition and innovation under the Tarrazu sun.

A Communal Feast

As we break bread at the farm, the zest of Lemon in our La Lia coffee cuts through the richness of the local cuisine, a bright and refreshing note that elevates the meal. It’s a flavor that echoes the laughter and warmth around the table, the spirit of community in every bite and sip.

Honoring the Legacy of Dona Lia

In presenting Dona Lia with her namesake coffee, roasted with care, we close the circle of growth, preparation, and appreciation. Her smile, gracious and proud, is a mirror to the soulful and complex notes of the coffee itself—a brew that carries the essence of her legacy.

Invitation to Indulge

We are thrilled to present the 2023 La Lia coffee, with its luscious notes of Plum, the enchanting aroma of Jasmine, and the invigorating zest of Lemon. This cup is more than a drink—it’s a voyage to Costa Rica, a visit to La Lia, and an encounter with the hands that crafted it. We invite you to savor this journey, sip by sip, as the flavors unfold and the story of La Lia fills your senses.

Discover the vibrant story behind our 2023 La Lia coffee and delve into the rich heritage of Costa Rican coffee with our insightful blog post, 'Costa Rica's Coffee Crusade: Quality, Conservation, and the Law'.

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