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Introducing: The first Inner Core Master Blend!


3 shipments, each containing two coffee options, were sent out every other week over the course of six weeks. The #InnerCoreCrew community of coffee tasters submitted scores for each coffee. Then, we took the highest rated from each shipment and assembled a crowdsourced blend-the Master Blend. 

San Antonio is located in the Cauca region of southwest Colombia near Cali. The majority of the coffee is grown in this region though the small farms are often no larger than a few hectares. 

This particular coffee is produced by 100 small farmers in the Inza region. Drying coffee once it has been harvested is typically done on the producer’s land, even on their roofs. Its a 12 to 24 hour process depending on how ripe the cherries are or how much coffee there is to harvest. 

In Nicaragua, land conservation is of utmost importance, and Don Francisco has maintained a portion of his land in its natural state to protect state forests and natural spring waters.

They have many varieties of coffee on their property like Caturra, Maragogype, Maracaturra a hybrid of Maragogype and Caturra to name a few. We hope you enjoy our selection this year from Jinotega, Nicaragua as much as we do.

The Yabitu Koba Forest in the Guji region of Ethiopia is home to some of the highest-altitude coffee farms in the country. This specific area is considered the highest elevation in Ethiopia with an altitude of 2,310 meters.

Hana Asrat Washing Station is located in the Yabitu Koba Village of the Uraga Woreda. The wet mill is run and managed by Feku Jebril who have, through the years, specialized in processing washed coffee.


So this is where things get exciting. We now have all the components of the master blend--and you get to see how each individual component's attributes combine to form something greater than the sum of its parts.

So what are the flavor notes? Well, that's for you to decide! 

  1. We want to know what you felt are the primary flavor notes of the Master Blend.

  2. Describe the mouthfeel.

  3. Did you feel the blend was better than any individual component? 

  4. Did you feel that one component should be highlighted more than others? 



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