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Golden Bean Awards 2022

We had an incredible year this year at the Golden Bean Awards which is dubbed the largest coffee roasting competition on the planet. 

Against record coffee prices, supply chain delays, record inflation, heck record everything, we managed to walk away with 4 awards. 

We won bronze medals for;

  • Drift Blend - Best Espresso in Milk
  • Decaf Coffee - Colombia 
  • Best Filter Coffee - Colombia La Pedrera (sold out)
  • Best Filter Coffee - Ethiopia Gedeo (sold out)

It takes a team to produce, harvest, process, purchase, roast and deliver coffees that are of a caliber to win any awards. Our team on the ground this year consisted of our head roaster Danny Castrellon, apprentice roaster Gustavo Chaise and coffee buyer Deaton Pigot.

While we are sold out of our award winning filter coffees, make sure you try our Drift blend as espresso, the way it was intended, and our decaf coffee. Yeah that’s right our decaf is something else! 

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